Nurture all round development of a child through education to make him/her a useful citizen/ human being who can bring the positive change and contribute towards betterment of the society in line with our aspirations (ideological, historical, religious, cultural)


To develop our students into active and creative beings by providing enabling environment needed for balanced growth in nurturing physical, mental, spiritual and cultural ethos for personality development


In April 1986 it was established as a Primary School, named as Garrison Cambridge School. In November 1986, it was renamed Roshan Garrison Cambridge School but later in 1987 the name of the school was changed to Army Mehran Garrison Academy. For the purpose of standardization and better Co-ordination, a chain of Army Public Schools was established in 1988 and this School was named as APS Hyderabad Cantt. In the year 2000 the level of the school was raised to Intermediate. O-Level was introduced in August 2003 and A- Level started in August 2004 and now the school is named as APS&C, Hyderabad Cantt.
  • APSACS Evaluation Best School of The Year 2017-19

    APS&C Hyderabad stood First in 5 Corps, 5 times out of 6 in Biennial Evaluations

  • Tayyaba Ali (O Levels III) Achieved Highest Marks in Southern Zone

    Achieved Highest Marks in Southern Zone (Sindh & Balochistan) Cambridge O Level Commerce in Nov 2020

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